How to Clean Your Painted Walls

The holidays are fast approaching and you’re undoubtedly getting ready to host lots of family, friends, and coworkers in your home. With hosting a lot of guests comes wanting your home to look it’s best. Tidying up rooms, making sure there are fresh towels in the bathroom and ensuring that all the kids’ or pets’ toys are picked up before the company arrives are usually the primary focus.

That being said, have you ever started to deep clean a room, like the guest bedroom for instance. You’re vacuuming, cleaning the windows and maybe even dusting the baseboards and all of the sudden you notice a huge black scuff mark on the wall. It was from when you were using the room as a storage area and now the whole cleaning thing you were doing seems like it was for nothing. After all, it’s so impossible to get marks out of painted walls, isn’t it?

Wrong. It’s easier than you think.

Three Things to Know Before You Start

You spent a lot of money getting the guest bedroom to the perfect shade of gray-blue, so you’ll want to follow these three rules before you start cleaning and scrubbing away at your walls:

  1. Use basic cleaners before taking out any high-chemical ones
  2. Be careful and use a gentle touch to avoid removing the paint
  3. Test in an inconspicuous area first

If you follow these three rules, you should have no time cleaning up your walls before the holidays.

3 Ways to Clean Your Walls

There are numerous do-it-yourself ways to clean your walls, but here are the three that we found were the best and least damaging.

  • Use a Sponge and Warm Water – Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. Dip a new, clean sponge in warm water, wring it out and gentle scrub over the dirt and marks. More often than not, this is all you need to successfully lift off any unsightly marks before your guests arrive.
  • Add Some Non-Abrasive, Gentle Soap – Add something like Ivory or Dawn’s gentle dish soap to water and then use a clean sponge. The soap provides a little extra cleaning burst and won’t be too harsh on your walls.
  • Baking Soda – If you have a really stubborn mark, we recommend adding a tiny bit of baking soda to water and making a loose paste. The baking soda is a gentle abrasive, so it can scrub the marks out without too much elbow grease or damage to your walls. Be careful with this method though, it can sometimes scrub off some paint so make sure to test in an inconspicuous area first.
  • BONUS – Use a Tennis Ball – This quirky method has been known to work for many a clever and resourceful cleaner, but many report that it works with varying degrees of success. Take a new, clean tennis ball and rub it on the scuff mark. It has been known to get all sorts of scuffs and dirt off without any water or chemicals. Report back to us on this one, we want to know if it works for you!

Getting your home ready for the holidays shouldn’t be stressful. Cleaning your walls and making each room look it’s best not only gives you peace of mind when entertaining, it also helps you go into the New Year with a fresh new perspective and a clean home.

These easy tips and tricks will help you shine up your walls and make sure that no damage is done to them in the process.

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