Interior House Painting

Interior House Painting

Jenni and Kevin specialize in residential and commercial interior painting services. Every job is completed by Jenni and/or Kevin, not a crew of subcontractors. We commit to every client that the residential painting project will be done on time while maintaining a clean and orderly workspace. We strive for customer satisfaction and you can count on us to get the job done right.


Hiring professional painters might seem unnecessary, but if you have ever painted a room yourself, you know how time consuming the experience can be. If you want the job done right and quickly, you need to have painters who know all the ins and outs of painting. They will have the equipment needed to complete the project, they will know what type of paint is best for your project, and will get the job done quickly. Let us handle all the planning, painting, and clean-up for your interior paint job.


We frequently get asked this question and the answer is yes! Choosing color can be an incredibly difficult decision, but we are here to help you. Included with every accepted contract is a free color consultation.


When you call the Hartwig & Callarman team to paint your house, we (Jenni and Kevin) are the ones who show up to do the work. We pride ourselves on our quality work and we are on every job from start to finish. You are getting our expertise and experience on your job. The Hartwig & Callarman team is meticulous, careful, and thorough.


Our first step is to patch from floor to ceiling every dent, ding, and nail hole, and repair any stress crack. Once the patches are dry, we will sand the entire surface, not just the patches. We have been told that that’s something that other contractors do not do. We comb over the entire wall for imperfections. It makes the finish look that much better. Then we cover baseboards with painter’s tape. We apply one coat of premium paint. We have go to products for every job. We use premium paint because it has a smooth finish, it covers the space more thoroughly, and looks great when it’s done. Using the proper sheen allows for walls to be gently washed. Then, if necessary, we spend more time patching anything we may have missed. We will lightly sand the patches, spot prime, if needed, then apply a second coat over all walls. We replace outlet covers, move furniture back and try to put the room back together the way we found it. We want to increase the wow factor when the homeowner walks back into the room. We then invite the homeowner to view and inspect our work.

On occasion, after the first coat, the homeowner may change their mind on the color. That’s no problem. We are happy to repaint the room because we don’t want the homeowner to live with a paint color they don’t like. We want your freshly painted room to be a place you enjoy. Contact us today for a free estimate to paint your interior.

we can paint

  • Painting Interior Drywall, Plaster, Concrete, Brick, and Paneling
  • Painting Trim
  • Painting Interior Wood
  • Staining Wood
  • Staining Trim
  • Staining or Painting Wood Stair Treads
  • Wallpaper Removal With Painting Service
  • Accent Walls
  • White Wash Fireplaces
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Wallpaper Removal

Many homes have wallpapered walls. It can be challenging to remove and there are oftentimes many layers of wallpaper that make the project even more of a project. Wallpaper can date a home and leaves you locked into a design that you may no longer be fond of. We are careful to thoroughly remove all of the wallpaper and glue and can repair surfaces as needed after removal. Contact us today for a free estimate to have your room transformed!
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Speciality Services


Whitewashing a fireplace can bring new life to your home by modernizing and brightening the central living space. Plain brick can be difficult to incorporate into a home design, so let us take care of it by whitewashing your fireplace today.


The front door is one of the first thing that people see when they look at your home. When you decide to paint your front door, you are making a statement to the outside world. Make that statement the best it can be by choosing painters who know how to paint doors right the first time. We can even help you pick out colors!


Want to add some pop to a room? Stripes are a great way to do that. The Hartwig & Callarman team knows how to do tasteful and well done stripes with paint. Stripes can be varying colors, shades of the same color, or the same color with a different sheen. With crisp, clean lines and a tidy workspace, the project will be done exactly how you want it before you know it.


  • Ombre Walls
  • Accent Walls
  • Vertical Stripes
  • Horizontal Stripes
  • Sponge Painting
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