This year has flown by and 2019 will be here before you know it. We’re looking forward to the new year and in anticipation, we wanted to make a list our top 7 favorite paint color trends for 2019. From warm hazelnut tones to mutes grays and pastels, these paint trends will help you plan your home decor refresh far for 2019.

Hazelnut Tones

Warm and inviting browns are going to be a big trend for 2019. Creamy hazelnut works well with almost every shade of furniture so you won’t have to worry about a total home furniture overhaul if you paint the walls hazelnut. The color can also warm up rooms with lots of windows making them feel cozy and intimate.

Lilac Gray

Grays are almost always in style, but this year we will see more and more of those grays injected with a subtle shade of lilac. This makes the color moodier and more unique, adding a touch style and refinement. Consider this color for guest bathrooms, offices, and laundry rooms.

Dark Green

One of Pantone’s Colors of 2019, dark greens will be a popular paint trend in homes. Not seen since the late 1990s, this dark green is a far cry from the typical hunter green seen in many homes. Lush and rich, this color is a strong foundational color that can bring calm and healing feelings into any room that you put it in. This color would be great in dining rooms, libraries, and any other rooms that you want a statement color that will stay in style for years to come.

Muted Pastels

We’ve been seeing these colors in more and more home decor pieces. Muted pastels make a subtle and classic statement. They are perfect for gender neutral rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and more. Muted pastels are also great if you want to try a new color trend but don’t want to commit to something super bold that might be out of style in two years.

New Blues

From light robin eggs blue, grey blue, charcoal blue, ice blue, and more, blue is going to see a massive comeback. This color is extremely versatile, but make sure that you are choosing the right color for the space you are painting. You don’t want to paint a room a few shades to dark and make it look small, cramped, and oddly nautical.


This is bold color that can work amazingly well in the right places. More of a accent color than a color you want to paint an entire room, this mustard is an update to the 1970s color that dominated too many living rooms. This mustard can add a pop of color to rooms and are a great alternative to yellow or gold.


Another great accent color, this gray-beige complements all white walls and adds an interest point to rooms. Another one of the best paint colors of 2019, you shouldn’t underestimate this trend. We suggest taking this color all around your home. Adding a touch of pewter to rooms makes the rooms look cohesively decoracted and carries the trend throughout the home.